04/07/23 DreamSpy covers the Norwegian band A-HA's hit "Hunting high and low". somehow..different. In the video an American knight rider and a Russian spy figure out their relationship on the astral level.

03/31/23 Two new videos here: 

03/31/23 DreamSpy's new album is now available: 

01/18/23 DreamSpy's second album titled "Out Of This World" will be released on March 31st, 2023. Before that, on February 22nd, a single titled "Part Steel, Part Human" will be available. Also 3 videos coming.. stay tuned! 

11/26/21 It took a year to compose and record 10 new DreamSpy songs + 1 cover. Now it's time to start the mixing and mastering session and make some videos.

03/27/21 Five new DreamSpy songs + a cover version of A-HA's "Hunting high and low" already recorded! 

10/12/20 WOM reviewed DreamSpy's album, 8.5 / 10.

10/08/20 Studio LIVE video shoot released on YouTube! 

07/23/20 Later during this year DreamSpy will start composing new songs with updated sounds and ideas.. 

07/23/20 There will be a studio LIVE video shoot session in late July 2020. Live set will include 6 songs from the "My halo of obsession" album + 6 minimalistic industrial vibe instrumentals. 

07/19/20 A nice album review made by Stalker-Magazine!

07/09/20 TUONELA MAGAZINE made a review.

07/04/20 METAL.DE reviewed DreamSpy's album.

07/01/20 RTMB Music reviewed DreamSpy's album.

06/26/20 A first review of DreamSpy's album here:

06/19/20 Matti Viikate made an interview, read it from here: 

06/12/20 A new lyric video is now on YouTube, it's called "Bitter sweet"! 

06/05/20 A lyric video called "For you" out on YouTube!

05/29/20 DreamSpy's cover version of a Madonna's song "Like a Virgin" out on YouTube!

05/22/20 Livin'Dead lyric video out there on YouTube, now! :)

05/15/20 The seventh song and video on YouTube, check it out!

05/08/20 DreamSpy's sixth lyric video on YouTube, now!

05/01/20 A lyric video number 5 has been released, check it out!

04/24/20 A new lyric video out there! Remember to like it and subscribe the channel if you feel so, thanks!

04/17/20 DreamSpy's third lyric video is on YouTube, now! Like it and remember to subscribe the channel, there's more to come!

04/10/20 Hello! A new video out there on Youtube! It's called "Sidetracktrain".

04/05/20 Thank you for your attention! Feel free to share the music and video links and help spread the word. Next song that will be released during this spring is an uptempo song called "Sidetracktrain" - something different compared to epic "Livin'Dead". Stay tuned.

03/26/20 DreamSpy has released its very first single and video. Livin'dead is Dreamspy's starter, a single from a full-length album, which is going to be released later on. The track's tone and lyrical atmosphere is grandiloquent and violently shattering: a voice from the darkness of one's mind. The video brings you an interpretation of its own, and it is work of Teemu Kokkonen.